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Your Gateway to Effortless Silver Ownership

Technology Behind SilverToken

SilverToken utilizes blockchain technology to maintain a transparent and secure ledger for buying and selling SilverTokens. With our recent transition to the Polygon network, we’ve further enhanced the speed and efficiency of transactions, making your experience smoother and more cost-effective.

Understanding SilverToken

Each SilverToken (SLVT) represents a specific amount of physical silver, currently
oz. of Silver = 1 SLVT, securely stored in our global vaults. With SLVT, you have the assurance of true silver ownership in a digital format, making buying, selling, and holding silver as easy as a few clicks.

Understanding SilverDollar

SilverDollar is a precious metal stablecoin always valued at 1:1 to the US Dollar. 1 SilverDollar will always equal 1 US Dollar. The value of SLVD is derived from an allocation of physical silver in our vaults and SLVTs held in a digital reserve account, providing a stable token immune to central bank decisions, with a consistent conversion price. This structure facilitates a smooth transition between fiat currency and SilverTokens, ensuring a stable, secure transaction process for you.

Silver Token Growth And Yield

Every Silver Token transaction carries a 1% fee. 50% of this fee goes toward adding silver to the Silver Token vaults, and increasing the value of every Silver Token.

Current Ratio

1.0401 oz. of Silver = 1 SLVT
Redeem For Physical Silver

Each Silver Token and Silver Dollar represents vaulted silver. You can collect your silver any time by mail, or by visiting one of our 12 global vaults.
Note: Minimum withdrawal is 2 bars or 200 oz.

User Privacy

We are not required to report your Silver Token purchases to anyone. You can purchase Silver Token directly from the Silver Token Smart Contract with NO KYC verification needed.

Instant Buyback Guarantee

We stand behind Silver Tokens because they represent physical silver in secure vaults. Anytime you want to sell your Silver Tokens, we’ll buy them back instantly at the spot price of silver, 24/7 – guaranteed.

We’re the only silver dealer with an instant buyback guarantee – we make selling easy.

Benefits Of Holding SilverTokens

The benefits of holding Silver Tokens include:

  • Private storage in fully insured and independently audited vaults.
  • Collect your silver from any of our 12 global vaults at any time.
  • Sell Silver Tokens back to us 24/7 at the spot silver price, guaranteed.
  • Receive a share of all transaction fees.

As more people use Silver Token, the amount of silver you own grows.

Converting Silver To Silver Tokens

Another advantage of Silver Tokens is that you can convert your own silver to Silver Tokens.

This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Silver Tokens on the blockchain.

Is Silver Token Right for You?

Why Peolpe
Hold SilverTokens

  • Easy to Buy
  • Allow for the Discrete Ownership of Silver.
  • Realize the Banking System is failing and want an Alternative Money.
  • Want to protect their saving from Government Intervention.
  • Silver and precious metal ownership is Not Allowed in Their Country
  • Afraid of Government Confiscation
  • Want an asset during time of high inflation or depression.
  • Easy to Sell

If you have the same beliefs as our holders.
SilverToken is for you.

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