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Make it Silver

SilverToken provides a straightforward platform to buy, sell, and hold silver, giving you a stable asset in economic uncertainties.


Make it Silver Instant Access: No setup, just invest.
Secure Storage: Your assets are safe.
Global Accessibility: 24/7 control of your investments.
Silver Token: Your Shortcut to Wealth!

Why Silver Token?

Inflation, Price Fluctuations, and Market Volatility
Government Policies Destabilizing Currencies
Immediate and Easy Access to their money

Embark on Your Silver Token Journey – It's Effortless!

Ready to dive into the world of  silver ownership? We’ve simplified the process for you. Here’s a quick guide to get started:

Step 1

Choose Your Digital Wallet

Select a wallet that suits your preferences.

Step 2

Add Token Addresses

Ensure SLVT, SLVD addresses are added to your wallet.

Step 3

Acquire Matic and USDC (Polygon) tokens

Get ready with Matic and USDC (Polygon) for purchasing SLVT/SLVD.

Step 4

Use Silver Token Swap

Swap USDC (Polygon) to SLVD, then SLVD to SLVT, and you're now the proud owner of Silver.

Transactions Anytime

Every Silver Token represents physical silver in our vaults.
Anytime you want to sell your Silver Tokens, the SilverToken Swap ensures
a seamless transaction at the live silver spot price, anytime, 24/7.

More info

Buy SilverTokens (SLVT)
with USDC (ETH)
or USDC (Polygon)

Hold or use your SilverTokens
as money
Relax knowing the value of your money is protected
Getting Started is Easy

Own Silver
Protect Your Wealth,
with Sound Money

Don’t risk waiting any longer.
Secure your wealth today.

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