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Many people want protection from inflation,
but struggle to find an easy-to-use, stable, and accessible option.

SilverToken gives you ownership of physical silver,
secured by blockchain technology since 2017.

Silver, Trusted for Thousands of Years as Stable Store of Value

Many People Worry About:

SilverTokens are
Silver Ownership.

SilverTokens (SLVT) represent ownership of physical silver. The digital format of SLVT makes it easy for you to buy, sell, and own silver, or to use it as money.

Ownership of SLVT is secured by the Ethereum blockchain, the most decentralized and trusted digital asset platform. .

When you buy SilverTokens, you are buying physical silver. Each token currently represents ounces of investment-grade silver. In 2020, the value of each Silver Token increased over 60%.

With SilverToken, 50% of transaction fees go toward adding more silver to the vaults, increasing your silver ownership over time.

If you decide to sell your SilverTokens, we’ll buy them back instantly at the spot silver price of silver any time — guaranteed.

Sell Silver for Cash, Instantly. Anytime, 24/7

Every SilverToken represents physical silver inour vaults.
Anytime you want to sell your SilverTokens,
we’ll buy them back at the live silver price,

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Buy SilverTokens (SLVT)
with Ether (ETH)
Hold or use your SilverTokens
as money
Relax knowing the value of your money is protected
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What SilverToken Holders Say About Us


Physical Silver

Now you can have the stability of silver with the speed and security of blockchain technology.


Purchase with Confidence

Anytime you want to sell your SilverTokens, we’ll purchase them for the spot price of silver— guaranteed.

Real Asset

Our company provides independently audited ownership of physical silver, represented by SilverToken, the digital receipt for the silver you buy from us. It has liquidity worldwide and can be exchanged for silver at any time.


Silver has consistently maintained stable value for thousands of years.


The physical silver you buy from us is stored in 12 private vaults in politically neutral countries and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

The value of SilverTokens is insulated from governments, banks, and other financial risk factors. As a result, your investment is protected from inflation and eminently safe.

You’ll be in good company. Our vaults hold precious metals for some of the world’s wealthiest and most famous people.


No need to create an account or share personal information. SilverToken transactions are just like cash payments.

Silver Available On Demand

12 Vaults in 8 Countries


"Now everyone can own privately vaulted silver, and use that silver as money."
Richard Malik, Founder

Take Control of your Money

Own Silver, a Sound Asset

Banks and Governments are creating money out of nothing
stealing the value of your money through inflation and destabilizing the financial system.

SilverToken is your new safe-haven

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