Why SilverTokens

digital transactions

Why Use SilverTokens to
Own Silver?

Enjoy these many benefits:


Velocity-Based Growth/Yield

Everytime a SilverToken is exchanged a 1% fee is applied, and a portion is used to increase the amount each SilverToken represents. So your silver stack grows and doesn't sit idle.

Updated Monthly


Easy Movement

You'll have the flexibility to move silver from one vault to another at no charge.


Private Ownership

We do not and are not required to report your ownership to anyone.

Free Custodial Storage

We store the silver your SilverTokens represent at no charge. If you were to store your silver yourself, the storage would cost a substantial amount.

You’re in great company. Our vaults hold precious metals for some of the world’s most famous and wealthiest people.

We are able to transfer your silver to any of our 11 private vaults.

Convenient to Sell Anytime

Purchasing silver or any other precious metal means that someday you’ll want to sell it.

When you have SilverTokens, you do not need to pay to ship your silver to the purchaser, just transfer your tokens.

With SilverTokens, we guarantee to pay you the live spot price of silver anytime.

We have the only
"Instant Buyback Guarantee".
We will buy back your SilverTokens at the spot price of silver 7/24.

Instant Buy Back

Private Transactions

You’ll be able to buy or sell to anyone anytime because your SilverTokens work just like cash.

Free Insurance

Silver in a Class 3 Vault with armed guards 24/7/365 is easy to insure which we absolutely do.

Simple delivery and pickup

Get delivery of your silver when and where you want it, or select which of our 11 vaults to pick up your silver.


Compare these benefits,
costs and challenges.


SilverTokens are the best way to buy, own, and sell silver.


Why you can’t
trust today’s currencies

This is the first time in history that all the world’s currencies are fiat currencies, which means their value relies on faith. They do not represent anything with real value, like silver or gold.

Do you believe your government is broken?
When politicians want to keep their promises they need to create currency or raise taxes. Raising taxes is not an option, so they create more currency that represents nothing. The creation of new currency causes people to lose confidence and value in the currency.
This is why you need to use the time tested asset of silver as money.

Today, this inherent unsoundness applies to the US Dollar, to which the value of many other currencies is pegged. The US Dollar is backed by nothing but faith.

Meanwhile, America’s debt is piling up and 21% more US Dollars were printed in 2020 ($4.5 Trillion). This is more than the amount created in the previous 5 years.

Look around at different countries. It’s frighteningly evident that politicians and central bankers have not learned a thing from history.

As a result, protecting your assets is up to you. Now is the time to shield your wealth and invest in precious metal – the timeless currency that can’t be debased.

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