Using SilverTokens and

Use Your Silver
as Money

SilverTokens - SLVT

SilverTokens are your safe direct ownership of silver. So if you want to own silver as a safe haven or when the price rises, you will need to hold them in your wallet. How to setup your wallet for SilverTokens and SilverDollars go here...

SilverDollars - SLVD

SilverDollars always represent ownership of $1 US Dollar of silver. So if you need easy to use money that is always worth $1 US Dollar of silver, you will need to hold SilverDollars in your wallet.

If someone accepts US Dollars they can accept SilverDollars as payment because each SilverDollar is always redeemable for $1 US Dollar of silver. If you need to Convert Your SilverTokens to SilverDollars go here...

Accept SilverDollars
as Payment

We Created SilverDollar to use in daily transactions.

This simple example can be used on your website or your store
( just put in on the Check-Out counter )

Download and Edit Word Document Click Here.
and can create your QR Code, Click Here.

Exchange Your
SilverTokens and

If you want to exchange tokens for silver, simply fill out this form. You can decide to have your silver delivered or which vault you would like to pickup from and when or we will always buy your SilverTokens at spot silver price “Guaranteed”. Redeem Your SilverTokens form go here…
Please Note: If your hold SilverDollars please convert them to SilverTokens before redeeming.
Convert Your SilverDollars to SilverTokens Go Here…
Silver Token
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