Silver Token
Stable Value You Can Trust


Physical Audits by
Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world-leading inspection and testing organization for the commodities industry. The Bureau provides services across oil, gas, petrochemicals, metals, minerals, agri-commodities and fertilizers. The Bureau provides an annual independent audit of our silver holdings.


you can trust

For decades, many financial experts have called for money to be linked to real assets like silver. We are making this vision a reality to support your financial security.

Since 2017, our goal has been to

"Make money have the same purchasing power tomorrow that it has today.”

For money to hold value, it needs to be linked to a time-tested asset like silver. SilverToken makes ownership of physical silver easy, private, and efficient. SilverToken represents physical silver kept in 12 private vaults in politically stable countries, insured by Lloyd’s of London.

We guarantee instant buybacks of your SilverTokens at the spot price of silver.


Technology you
can trust

SilverToken is based on the Ethereum blockchain, the most trusted and secure decentralized digital asset platform in the world. Ethereum is used by major banks and corporations like JP Morgan, Banco Santander, Samsung, Mastercard, and Microsoft.

Ethereum maintains a secure, tamper-proof record of your silver ownership and makes it easy and fast to buy, sell, and transact using SilverToken.

Guaranteed Instant Buyback

We guarantee SilverToken’s link to silver.

Because SilverTokens represent physical silver in our vaults, we will buy them back for the spot price of silver at any time.

We are the only silver dealer to offer a 24/7 buyback guarantee, and we also provide fast and easy redemption for physical silver.

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and Transparency

The total value of all SilverTokens in circulation can be calculated by multiplying:

Sum of SLVT currently in the smart contract
The current price of silver

Independent auditors ensure that the amount of silver in our vaults always exceeds the value of all circulating SilverTokens.

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